Today's Lesson

Life Upper-Intermediate Unit 7

This week you have been learning about the environment and natural resources. You are going to write a complaint letter about a recent environmental mishap. Follow the instructions below

You live on Larne Coast and you are worried about a recent oil spill.
Read more about the oil spill in this newspaper article and answer these questions in your notebooks.

  1. Who caused the oil spill?
  2. When did it occur?
  3. What wildlife is threatened by the oil spill?
  4. How did the oil get into the water and threaten wildlife?

Write a letter to the company responsible for the oil spill outlining your expectations. You can have a look at a template here

When you have finished you can learn a little bit about Salmon with this song -"Salmon Dance" by Chemical Brothers :)

Number Name and link to your complaint letter
1 Franciska
2 Mary
3 Myanga
4 Mimay
5 Olivia
6 Riham
7 Dam
8 [ ]
9 [ ]
3 [ ]
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