This is a story about my brother Filip Tashkovski. He is my favourite person in the world. He was born 11 April 1997 in Macedonia In city called Bitola. He is very honest person and he hates lies. One day while we were waiting our mom to come home from work we were playing football in our flat and we broke the glass from the door. And it was my fault and I knew when she came back home she will be very upset with me, so I started to beg him for not telling what happened. And he agreed, but when she came in and asked what is going on, he got scared and told the whole story repeating that it is my fault three times.

He has finished primary school, and now he has been studying at a high school that specialises in medicine, he wants to be an optometrist. He enjoys studying optometry and everything else that is connected with the eye.

Since he was little he has been playing the keyboard and he is very good at it. He knows how to play a lot of Macedonian songs and English songs too. When he was 14 he had his first concert at school in front a lot of people but he did that with style, and since then he like doing that even more. At home he use a lot of his free time for practising and becoming even better.
His future plans are too finish high school, and after that he wants to go to university for bachelor diploma of optometry. And for that there is only one university in our country, and it’s in other city so he need to go there and live alone without my parents so he is a little bit scared from that idea. After finishing university he wants to go for master degree of optometry and become optometrist.

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