Answers: Man Vs Wild- Iceland


Word matches with Meaning
1) Arctic Circle i) a) capital city of Iceland
2) blizzard k) b) a large amount of ice, like an ice river
3) crevasse h) c) a mountain with an opening that allows hot gas and liquid rock to escape
4) geothermal g) d) to live through difficult or dangerous conditions
5) glacier b) e) a mixture of water and dirt
6) hypothermia l) f) you die because you can’t get enough air to breathe
7) mud e) g) heat which comes from the ground near a volcano
8) numb j) h) a deep crack in an ice sheet or glacier
9) Reykjavik a) i) the imaginary line around the Earth near the North Pole, where day and night last for 6 months each
10) suffocate f) j) when you have no feeling in part of your body
11) survive d) k) a strong snow storm
12) volcano c) l) a condition where your body temperature drops too low, below 35oC


1. In the introduction, Bear says-
“Every year, a thousand tourists need to be rescued.”
2. Where is Reykjavik?

  • On the south west coast of Iceland.

3. What is the nickname for Iceland?
“The Land of Fire and Ice.”
4. What are the only things he is carrying when he jumps out of the plane?

  • A knife, a water bottle and a flint (used for lighting fires).

5. Where does he land his parachute?

  • On a glacier.

6. What does he use his watch and the sun for?

  • To find which was is north.

7. Which ones of these are symptoms of hypothermia?

a) can’t think straight b) can’t talk
c) slurring words d) shivering
e) feeling thirsty f) feeling warm
  • a, c, d

8. What is special about ‘blue ice’?

a) it looks pretty b) most likely to crack
c) it’s dangerous d) it’s colder than normal ice
e) it’s old f) it’s strong
  • c, e
  • He says, “Blue ice is as hard as steel, but is also as brittle as glass.”

9. How long did a lost snowmobiler survive by digging a snow hole?

  • 48 hours.

10. In his snow hole, Bear says, “I need to dig a little bit of a pit down, and the reason I do that is that cold air sinks.”
11. After that he says, “I need to make sure I keep putting my hand through to keep that ventilation hole, otherwise you can suffocate in these things.”
12. Why is it dangerous if you fall into a crevasse?

  • They can be impossible to get out of.

13. At the river, he says, “All of that water, is glacial meltwater, it’s gonna be freezing, freezing cold .”
14. How long does he have after jumping in the cold river before he has to get to the hot water?

  • About 15 minutes.

15. How do his hands and legs feel after getting out of the river?

  • They feel numb.

16. How hot is the bubbling mud?

  • It's at boiling temperature.

17. Why does he need to make a hot water pool?

  • To prevent hypothermia, and so he doesn't freeze to death.

18. What kind of animal does he find?

  • An Icelandic sheep.

19. What nutrition does he say is in an eyeball?

a) vitamin A b) vitamin B
c) vitamin D d) vitamin E
e) protein f) cholesterol
g) fibre h) energy
  • h

20. Is the eyeball tasty? What about the meat?

  • The eyeball is disgusting, "like chewing gristle filled with cold gloop," but the lamb meat "is like the best lamb you get in a restaurant."

21. What is the Icelandic saying?
“If you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes, and it will get a lot, lot worse.”
22. Why does he need to take his clothes off before crossing the river?

  • To keep them dry.

23. What is he looking for under the trees?

  • A natural path that the birds might pass through.

24. When do people in Iceland usually eat ptarmigan? How does it taste?

  • (?? Not given.) It's got a nice dark flesh.

25. What does Bear have to be careful of while crossing the lava field?

  • They can be very old, so the footing is treacherous and hard to walk on.

26. What does he want to find inside the lava tunnel?

  • Some fresh water.
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