Arya's Tips On

How to visit a new country,

Before we visit a new country, it is best to plan everything ahead:

1. It is best to save up a large sum of money for the trip, so by the time we get to the end of our trip we still have some money left.

2. Plan on the things you want to do in that country. E.g. historical places, beautiful sceneries, traditional/ethnic foods, bars/clubs. hence research is essential.

3. Finding a good and affordable accommodation is somewhat important too. It doesn't have to be a five star hotel, as long as you can get a good night sleep and be ready for a new adventure the next day.

4. Learn the language can be a good way to get you around the country easily, importance is less essential. As English is a universal language, know your English is good rule of thumb. But being in a country where English is not the first language, it would help if you try to speak their language or maybe bring a dictionary. Moreover, the locals would appreciate you more if you try to speak their language.

5. Last but not least, weather prediction is a good thing to know, as you can prepare the clothings that you are going to bring for the trip. On a cold weather, is best to bring jackets, beanies, jumper, thick clothes. And on a hot weather, it is best to bring shorts, singlets, sandals, sunnies, and sunblock lotion.

Well here are Arya's 5 points on how to visit a new country. hopefully this help you to get the best of everything on your first trip. Enjoy your trip, have a great time, and always be safe.

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