Today I am going to write about a famous singer from Macedonia. Her name is Karolina Goceva, and she is very successful ina our country. She is currently living in Skopje, the capital and the biggest city in Macedonia.

She was born in April 1980, in Bitola, which is the second biggest city in Macedonia. Karolina had her first live appearance at the age of 10, at a kids’ festival in Bitola. The name of the festival is “Si-Do”.

After a couple of performances, when she was 15, she went to a musical high school. That was followed by pursuing a university degree in solo singing. In her life, she has won twice the Skopje Fest festival, and for her that was a life changing period of her career, because she represented her self and the country at the Eurovision Song Contest twice. The first time was in 2002, and the second time was in 2007.

Karolina has struggled a lot with the fact that she is famous, and the paparazzi are all around her, but in an interview a few months ago she said that she’s not bothered any more.

Now, she is about to release her 9th album, and she hopes that it will be more successful, brilliant and delighted for her fans, more than the previous ones.

While her fame is going up, and up, during the same interview that I mentioned before, Karolina said that she would love to get married soon, and to have children and live happily ever after.

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