Claire's Memorable Event

The most impressive event that I have been to is Jisan Vally Rock Festival in Korea in 2010. This festival is an annual event, and consists of many performances. Then I went there, I became a staff by accident so I got in for free.

This festival lasted 3 days, 72 hours. Many rock bands and music artists came to perform their own music. It was so amazing, funny, and incredible. There were so many people who enjoyed the atmosphere. However, I’m not sure if you hate noise or crowds. The atmosphere was free so someone played his acoustic guitar in the street and the others sang a song together and then, they became friends easily. They drank beer, and danced to the music which was performed by their favorite bands!

I think that was the most enjoyable part of this festival.I’ve never been to another event like this, so it was a very impressive experience for me. To sum up, I like rock music so that’s another reason why I enjoyed this festival.

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