Evie's Memorable Event

I'll never forget the time I went to Rome, Italy. I travelled on the 5th August which is annual celebration of 'Santa Maria Maggiore(Cathedral)'. The cathedral has a legend, that Mary appeared to Pope Liberius in his dream and told him to build a church in a field in white snow had fallen. It was ironic becuase August is high summer but, he did actually in a field which was covered with snow and finally built a cathedral. That cathedral was Santa Maria Maggiore.

So the cathedral is commemorated every year on 5th August, when white rose petals are dropped from the dome during the Mass. Actually I didn't know about the legend before I went there but it was a nice event for me! Normally when I visited other cathedrals, there was no Mass, just visiting tourists but in Santa Maria Maggiore a real Mass was going on. Many people who live in Rome or tourists from all over the world were praying in the cathedral. A priest was saying somethimg in Italian though I couldn't undrestanded him, my feeling was so good. I listened some hymns in Italian, they were extremely impressive so I recorded the scene video.

Also I really wanted to see the event 'white snow falling' but I couldn't read the notice in Italian. I knew the event time was listed on a board but I don't undrestand Italian. I also asked someone but he gave me a wrong information. In the end, I wasn't able to see the main event 'White snow falling'. Visiting Santa Maria Maggiore on 5th August was amazing but regretfully I missed the main event.

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