Golf's Memorable Event

It was the most spectacular event I’ve ever seen in my life. I haven’t participate in that event by myself but I

watched it on TV. It was on June 2006 when it was my King’s 60th anniversary. Actually, on every special day, my king

gives a speech to his people. That time it was special because he was also celebrating his 60 years as king. On that

day, millions of Thai people were on the street in front of the palace. Everyone was waiting for the king to appear on the

balcony. When he was there, everyone shouted “ Srong Pra Cha Roen” which means “Long Live the King” for him. What I

liked most about it was everyone wait at that place where it was very hot without feeling of tired or bored because they

wanted to show their love and loyalty to their king. Looking back, what I remember best was that everyone wore the

yellow shirts which are the color of his birthday.

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