Jamie Oliver Answers

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Jamie Oliver's TED Prize Wish

1. How old is Jamie?

  • 34

2. What will happen in 18 minutes?

  • 4 Americans will die from obesity.

3. Who is he talking to?

  • An American audience.

4. What problems is he concerned about?

  • Health problems caused by diet.

5. On the graph, what do the diseases marked in red indicate?

  • Diet related diseases.

6. Why is that important?

  • It's the biggest killer in the US.

7. What is the number 2 country?

  • England.

8. How much will obesity cost the US in ten years?

  • $300 billion.

9. What town did he visit in America?

  • Huntington, West Virginia.

10. Why does he choose a town in that state?

  • Because Virginia is the most unhealthy state in America.

11. Why does Britney have such a short time to live?

  • She has a diseased liver caused by obesity.

12. How much does Justin weigh?

  • 350 pounds (= 160 kg)

13. Why does Jamie disagree with labelling food as "low fat"?

  • Because it doesn't say that it is high in sugar, so it is misrepresenting the food as healthy.

14. What happens every winter?

  • The death rate triples.

15. What does all the food in the kitchen represent?

  • The amount of unhealthy food her family eats in one week.

16. What is the problem he shows that schoolchildren have?

  • They don't recognise common vegetables.

17. Why aren't schoolchildren given knives or forks to eat with?

  • They're supposed to be dangerous.

18. What does he demonstrate with the wheelbarrow?

  • The amount of sugar contained in school milk consumed by one child over 5 years of elementary school.

19. What solution does he recommend supermarkets do?

  • Have a food ambassador that shows families how to cook and eat healthily.

20. What should fast food companies do?

  • Stop adding salt and sugar to food.

21. What does he think children should learn?

  • 10 simple recipes.

22. What should corporations do?

  • Provide healthier food for their employees.

23. How much would it cost per school to improve school food?

  • $6500 (he says "six and a half grand")

24. Name 3 things he wishes for.
For a movement:

  • to educate children about food
  • to inspire families to cook again
  • to empower people to fight obesity
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