Jen's Memorable Event

It was the 2002 FIFA WORLD CUP between Korea and Japan. I was 25 years old and just an ordinary girl. I love hanging out with girls and watching dramas and shopping. I'm not a big fan of soccer, but when the WORLD cup game started I was incredibly crazy for
soccer games or maybe it was just patriotism. Anyway I always went to city hall to support the Korean soccer team. I've never seen as many people as that . There were more than one million people at city hall when the South Korean soccer team played against Spain.

Everyone was wearing red shirts and we were chanting. It was an amazing experience. I went there with five people to cheer and there were over one million people and yet we all became friends with the team. Age and sex didn't matter, because we had a powerful thing in common. We cried together and we laughed together during the game. Also after the game people started cleaning the place where we were sitting. Nobody had told us to do it but we did anyway. The win made us love our country more.

The funny thing was when we won the game some pubs they didn't charge drinks or small food to customers

during the World cup game season and a lot of company did special promo to patrons.

I don't how to explain about that 2002 WORLD CUP game it just like a dream. I'm not sure that we have a chance to a host

country of FIFA WORLD CUP again or not but if we can i really hope i can be there and enjoy that amazing moment again.

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