Jenny's Story

Short Story - A Lucky Man

One November afternoon a man called Jack went to a petrol station to fill up his car. While he was paying, he saw a big winnings lottery ad so he decided to buy a ticket. After he returned to his car he put the lottery ticket in the glove compartment and he forgot about it for a while.

Three months later, he sold his car to someone because he had got sick of the car. Few days later, the new owner of the car found the lottery ticket in the glove compartment and he tried to contact Jack to give it back to him. After Jack got it back he thanked him a lot and looked at the newspaper to check, just in case he had won.

He was astounded at that time because he found out he was the winner of the lottery! Jack had gotten $50 million and so he had a party with lots of champagne as well as beautiful girls. What a lucky man!!

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