Pop is my best friend who studying nursing at the University of Technology Sydney. He is 38 years old from Lao. Pop and me have been friend since I worked in Lung Pra Bang 3 years ago. When I finished work and went to Thailand, Pop moved to Sydney to study, but we were in contact by email.

Pop wrote to me about this life when he was a child in his home town and the good and bad he had experience. He used to be a teacher in a small village far away from new technology where the students come from poor families and they didn’t have enough money to buy books to study. Pop gave his salary to help them to buy them, because he saw and was upset by this situation with his students. He decided to find a new solution for this problem. Before he came to Sydney, he visited Thailand to meet me to ask about a charity to help his students, and he told me he would like to raise money for that.

His life in Sydney was very difficult. He started work at 3 a.m. each morning cleaning and working in a café while he was studying at University. It was very confusing because he used to be a teacher but now he is studying nursing .He said he would do anything to earn more money for his student. It’s awful to have hard work and full time studying together because hard studying has made his health bad recently. He has had back pain from stress in his muscles, it made him stop studying for a week. Anyway he still kept working and studying hard. Last semester he passed the interview to work in Liverpool hospital, that made me proud of him too.

Some of the money that he earns, he usually transfers to his students and he hopes his students will have a good future in education.

Pop just stopped working as a cleaner and started working in a café. He told me he would like to protect his health to start working hard later. I said “Thank you my Buddha for telling him to take care of himself before looking after other people” I proud of him but I’m worried about his health together at the same.

Next year before Pop starts work at the hospital, he will establish a charity to save money to help student who are studying in poor villages in his country and he will go to visit his students there.

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