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How to make a romantic relationship.

It is impossible to live without love. So I will introduce 5 steps which can make a romantic relationship.

1st . Confidence

Start by having confidence. If you didn't have confidence , would lose a chance to start love. Money, appearance and educational background are not important. Always, the most important thing is their own mind. This step, show your mind to her surely.

2nd. Waiting

But first time it is not easy to get her mind because she must have doubt of your mind. But don't be frustrated as always remember having a confidence because it is normal situation. And time goes by, you will be able to see her mind is a little open.

3rd. Event
If you had confirmed her mind , it is the time to prepare a event for only her. Before as I told you, it is not important costly event but mind! You have to show your mind with truth. It would be better with playing the instrument or some flowers.

4th. Lead
It is the time that you lead to her although you had always waited her in the past.

Please think about: layout (there should be paragraphs and you shouldn't have headings); vocabulary-you use the word 'mind' too often. You need words like, 'intentions', feelings, emotions, goals, attitude, etc.

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