Marini's Memorable Event

Last year i went to Cap Go Me in my hometown, Indonesia. Cap Go Me is generally the last day of the chinese new year and the 15th day of the first month in lunar calendar. It is also known as Lantern Festival in various countries. Children go out at night to temples carrying paper lanterns. Cap Go Me is celebrated by having big feast with families. What i like the most about it was a lot of unique cultural performances on the streets, just like Lion Dances, Dragon Dances, Lanterns Lighting. A lot of people took part of this ceremony on the streets as well. Indonesia Chinese Ethnic usually carry Tangsin. Tangsin is a ritual activity which the worshippers showing off their dangerous attractions with sharp objects like needle, sword, knife through their nose, cheeks or stomach without injuring themselves. The reason why Tangsin were not injured is God came out of the heaven and went into a worshipper's body. Tangsin also refers to a person who believe to be possessed by the spirits of ancestors.
On the whole, it was extremely unbelieveable and fantastic at the same time. I think this kind of performances would be considered as a frightening attraction. But i was absolutely enjoying the atmosphere. The highlight of the night is the magnificent red lantern festival. People walked on the streets carrying colourful lanterns and the lanterns also could be seen in their house, on the street and many public places. It was the most memorable event i've ever seen. And i always look forward to celebrating this event every year.

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