Martin's Letter

Dear future Me,

Here I am in 2012 and there you are in 2013. I am writing to see how you are doing and because you might appreciate a friendly message from the past.

These are the things I expect you will be doing. You will definitely be working in Komart. I hope very much you will be enjoying the work and you will get much wage than now. You always remember the mind of your first time.

Here is some advice and good wishes from ‘present me’. You should spend a lot of time with you family, especially your wife. Your wife is usually emotional and has weak mind. Therefore you should care your wife. Besides, your family want to talk with you about your future. You would not rather ignore their wishes because your behavior hurts their mind. Your parents can not wait your kind responding for a long time.

I understand that you are usually tired in Sydney. However, Sydney life is new challenge for you. I wish you always diligent. You have to mind your family and you have to become a shield in fornt of wave that calls life.

Look after yourself,


Hi Martin, please check the words/phrases and make changes where needed.

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