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How to start romantic relationship

First, Have confidence! It's not important that your appearance, your job, your money, and your background. You have to have confidence. ‘I am really attractive and you will be my partner.’ I think this kind of mind is absolutely important in your whole life. ‘I am really popular and you will be my friend!’

Second, you should endure! Don’t hurry when you dash to girl. You should give the time to other people because she hasn’t ever known about you. You should spend the time until your favourite girl is interested in you. If you hurry, she will close her mind immediately.

Third, you should prepare! Starting romantic relationship with someone is a kind of big test. If you have a important test, you will prepare hard. That’s real life. Preparation of events is very important. The date course, movie tickets, love letter, singing a song, some presents and etc,.
At this time its price isn’t important but your lovely mind.

Forth, you should lead your partner! If you continue lovely and kind dash, she will become a little bit open-minded. At that time, you need to catch the space of her mind and you have to lead her. In life such as a treadmill, people want to rely on others and feel fresh. Therefore, if you lead her toughly, she will follow you more and more.

Last, you should go together. you are not the car and you are not machine. Sometimes, you have to depend on your partner when you’re exhausted in your daily life. However, if you always lead your partner, you can’t endure tired situation. Therefore, you’d rather go to the future with your partner together.

I think that the romantic relationship is a part of a life.You should respect your favourite girl and give your mind first. If you mind this way, your new girlfriend will wait in front of you.

Please think about:vocabulary e.g. pursue, pursuit, persuade, convince someone, assure, security, assertively, make a mental/emotional connection, bond with
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