Poonam S Story

Story Lottery Ticket

In the morning Mr. William went to a petrol station and there he bought a lottery ticket. When he got back to his car , he put his lottery ticket in the car’s glove compartment and then went home.

Three months later, he sold his car to his friend who became the new owner. The new owner took the car’s keys and he sat in the car then he saw there were some papers in the car`s glove compartment. He thought these paper would be important for his friend so he gave him the papers

Suddenly he saw that among the papers there was a ticket. He immediate remembered buying it and he checked the newspaper to match the numbers ,surprisingly he found that he was the winner of the lottery. He had won the price of $60,000 and therefore he was very happy. Next he went to the lottery company and collected his cheque. To celebrate they bought a bottle of the champagne and celebrated his victory.

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