Poupee S Story

On that Friday night, Mr.Jim went to the petrol station to fill some gas for his car.
While his car was being fill up some gas, he went to the shop to buy a lotto. And then he put
it in the glove compartment and forgot all about it. Three months later he sold his car
to the other guy, his name was Mr.John, this new owner found this lotto in that glove compartment
and sent it back to Mr.Jim. Mr.Jim was reading today's newspaper which posted on its headline about
"no-one had claimed the fiorst prize winning of lotto". Suddenly Mr.Jim remembered his lotto which gave
back from Mr. John. And it had the same number comparing his lotto. Just as he got the 100 million aus dollars
cheque for winning ticket, he celebrated his winning with Mr.John only a bottle of champagne!!!

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