Rada's Memorable Event

Last year on September, I was in Linkin park's concert "Returns to Bangkok : A Thousand Sun World Tour 2011". It was the third concert of them in Bangkok,Thailand.

One thing I'll never forget is when I was there in Linkin park's concert with my younger brother and that was the first time I had been in the big concert in my country. I rarely went to any concert but I love rock music so much so the Linkin park is one of my favorite bands.I was very exciting while waiting for Linkin park started their musics. I bought the most expensive ticket prices for myself and my brother. and My younger brother he seems to be excited as well. It was the most big outdoor concert and filled with musical instruments, good sound, huge team. But unfortunately the day was raining all night and we were waiting for Linkin park too long for started the concert. However everyone has been waiting for Linkin park about 4 hours. I found the nearest to can look at them. And I had to wear a raincoat in this concert because Linkin Park loves to play outdoor concert only. When the concert began it was extremely fun and really amazing I've ever been in my life. I'm still impressed every time when I think about that event.

I think one of the best things, the most impressive thing in this event that I have found them the first time not only watching them in YouTube because they are my favorite band and I love their songs.

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