Rada S Tips

How to make good friendship
The first step you should keep a smile when you communicate people and try to be friendly with them. And the next step you should give a snack and some food to the friends that you know them.Then if there are people need you help them. You should be able ro help as much as you can do or look at what you can do for other and talk to people with polite words. Don't ask about about personal stories of your friend If they don't want to share you. Don't hog the time with your problem and try to be a good listener more than the skeaker.Don't gossip about other people with your friend and don't keep the personal stories of your friend to gossip with other people.You should allow your friend to help you when you need their help. Don't try to be soneone that you are not. when you are talking to your friend you have to look at their eyes. and don't make your friend feel boring about your topic.

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