My sister was born in 1978. In her childhood she wanted be a barista. She watched a lot of training videos on youtube and other places. When she was 15 years old she asked her mom about her ambition to be a barista and wanted to start training for this. But her mom said "you need to finish school and then you can decide if you want to find a job or you want to follow your dream".

When she finished University she went to find some coffee shops to learn , after that she came to her mom and said “Maybe I should find some coffee to work in” She couldn’t be a barista. She had to work in an office for about 4 years, until she was 21 years old. Her Boss sent her to another place to do something in England to work. She worked. She worked in England for around 2 years and she got a boyfriend, and then after 3 years she got married.

Nowadays she has 2 sons, her sons are names John and Tem. They were born and grew up in England.

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