Toshe Proeski

Toshe Proeski was born on 25.01.1981 in a small town named Krushevo in Macedonia. His singing was recognised by his music teacher in primary school when he was eleven years old. He moved to Bitola and continued his study in music at a high school specialised for solo singing. After he had finished high school he moved to the capitol of Macedonia and started his career as a pop singer. From that time on he only knew success, and in a short time he was the biggest regional pop star in the whole Balkan area.
Song after song people loved him, from the youngest to the oldest. He knew how to touch the hearts of the people with his strong lyrics. He managed to sell out every ticket even in the biggest arenas in foreign countries, where the domestic stars could’t have done it. He was awarded with the biggest prizes in music at international music festivals world wide. But several weeks before the announcement of his English album, which was produced for a long time in London, he had a car crash in Croatia and died at only 26 years of age. Condolences and letters were delivered from all Europe to his family, and the whole Balkan region was in tears.
His songs and his work will be passed on to the future generations. That is our way to honour the man with a big heart who once lived, and left us a whole fortune of good songs. Charity groups have been started in his honour, and the school where he studied has his name now. Macedonians celebrate his birthday every year, and remember the day when they lost him with the biggest concerts. It is like a national festival to them.

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