TED Talk: Jamie Oliver

Skills: Listening


Talk about these questions with a partner or group.

  • What is a celebrity chef? Do you know any?
  • Do you know how to cook? When did you learn? Who taught you?
  • In your country, what do school children generally eat for lunch? Is it provided by the school, or do they bring lunch-boxes from home? Is it healthy or tasty? Who pays for it- parents or government?
  • Have you heard of Jamie Oliver? What do you know about him? Is he famous in your country?


Go to YouTube and watch this video-


  • obese/obesity
  • diet-related disease
  • lifespan
  • statistics
  • catastrophe
  • tipping-point
  • ripe for the picking
  • pound (weight)
  • a bully/to bully
  • pastor
  • ally
  • to bury
  • label
  • processed food
  • food additives
  • rant
  • child abuse


Watch the video again and answer these questions-

  1. How old is Jamie?
  2. What will happen in 18 minutes?
  3. Who is he talking to?
  4. What problems is he concerned about?
  5. On the graph, what do the diseases marked in red indicate?
  6. Why is that important?
  7. What is the number 2 country?
  8. How much will obesity cost the US in ten years?
  9. What town did he visit in America?
  10. Why does he choose a town in that state?
  11. Why does Britney have such a short time to live?
  12. How much does Justin weigh?
  13. Why does Jamie disagree with labelling food as "low fat"?
  14. What happens every winter?
  15. What does all the food in the kitchen represent?
  16. What is the problem he shows that schoolchildren have?
  17. Why aren't schoolchildren given knives or forks to eat with?
  18. What does he demonstrate with the wheelbarrow?
  19. What solution does he recommend supermarkets do?
  20. What should fast food companies do?
  21. What does he think children should learn?
  22. What should corporations do?
  23. How much would it cost per school to improve school food?
  24. Name 3 things he wishes for.

Now go here to check the answers.

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