TED Talk: Underwater Astonishments by David Gallo

Skills: Listening


Which of these animals is the most intelligent?
Put them in order from 1-8.

  • chimpanzee
  • rat
  • dolphin
  • tuna
  • octopus
  • dog
  • crow
  • elephant

Why did you choose this order?


Go to YouTube and watch this video-
David Gallo's TED talk

Watch the video again and answer these questions-

  1. What word does David use to describe the underwater animals that blink like fireflys?
  2. What did Dr Edith Witter invent?
  3. What is David's original profession?
  4. What are 3 things that the lights are supposed to do?
  5. What are 3 underwater geographic features they have discovered on past dives?
  6. What does the 97% he mentions represent?
  7. What is a "cephalopod"?
  8. What do fighting male squid do?
  9. Why does the male squid show two colours?
  10. What's the animal that we see hiding in algae?
  11. How does the octopus hide his movement across the seafloor?
  12. What is the octopus able to do to hide on some algae?

Check the answers here.

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