David Gallo: Underwater Astonishments Answers


  1. What word does David use to describe the underwater animals that blink like fireflys?
    • bioluminescence
  2. What did Dr Edith Witter invent?
    • the underwater camera system they used
  3. What is David's original profession?
    • a geologist
  4. What are 3 things that the lights are supposed to do?
    • attract prey, avoid being eaten food, and to hypnotise
  5. What are 3 underwater geographic features they have discovered on past dives?
    • the world's highest mountains, deepest valleys, underwater lakes and waterfalls
  6. What does the 97% he mentions represent?
    • the amount of the world we haven't explored yet and know nothing about
  7. What is a "cephalopod"?
    • animals like squid, octopus and cuttlefish, the word means "head foot" in Greek
  8. What do fighting male squid do?
    • they turn white and bump their bottoms together
  9. Why does the male squid show two colours?
    • the white side is to show aggression to other males, the brown side is to show a gentle side to the female
  10. What's the animal that we see hiding in algae?
    • an octopus
  11. How does the octopus hide his movement across the seafloor?
    • it times its movements with the shadows and waves
  12. What is the octopus able to do to hide on some algae?
    • it can change its colour and texture perfectly to blend in and camouflage itself in the algae
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