Tonny's Letter

1 Elizabeth Street,
Ryde, NSW 2112

13th November, 2012

Kingsway Online DVD Store
Level 4, 101 Bathurst Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Spam Mail

I am writing in regard to the spam mail that I have received after I joined your online DVD shop. Regretfully, I don't normally receive before.

Hence, I wonder if my personal details have been leaked out by one of your staff to some other parties else where I hope it has been noted that this is actually against the law as each person's information is protected by Government through the Privacy Act.

Therefore, I am requesting that you do some checking with your staff in relation to this matter and provide me with feedback before the end of this week. Otherwise, I regret to say that I may discontinue my membership with your online DVD shop. In addition, I can not guarantee that details of this experience will not be leaked out.

Your attention to this matter and your cooperation with my request will be highly appreciated.

Yours faithfully,

Tonny Chen

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